According to API specifications there are two types of steels used in the construction of line pipes:

5LX grades are mostly used for high pressure applications. The price per ton is not very different for these steels, but for 5LX grade much less metal is needed because of higher strength. Welding high strength steel is much more difficult because larger temperature difference caused by welding equipment can leave residual stress in the weld area, unless these stresses are removed by pre-cautioning measures such as pre-heating the weld zone, and annealing the finished welds. To avoid such difficulties, additives such as Niobium are used.
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Seamless and Welded Line Pipes:
Seamless or Welded Casings:

Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG)

Oil, Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical and Water Treatment/Transmission Industries use a variety of steel pipes for a number of applications. Depending on the temperature, pressure and corrosive conditions, the suitable type of pipe is employed.

The following table lists the current ASTM 

and API standards.

ASTM Specifications  Manufacturing Process Grade
A53 (type F) Continuous or face butt welded    
A53 (type E)  Electric resistance welded  A-B
A53 (type S)  Seamless     A-B
A106 Seamless A-B-C
A134 Arc welded  
A139  Arc welded   A-B-C-D-E
A211  Spiral welded  
A252            Welded or seamless  
 A333            Welded or seamless               1,6
 A381            Submerged Arc welded  
 A523   Electric resistance welded  A-B
  Seamless   A-B
A524  Seamless               I,II
A587  Electric resistance welded  
A589 Welded (h) or seamless  
A671  Arc welded  
A672 Arc welded  
 A691 Arc welded  
A795   Welded or seamless   A-B



API Specifications Manufacturing Process Grade
2B  Arc welded  H40, J55, K55, N80
5CT Welded or seamless   C75 type2, P105, P110
5CT   Seamless  A25 class I
5L  Electric welded  A25 class II, A-B
  Furnace butt welded A25 class I, A-25 class II
  Submerged Arc welded  A-B
  Seamless  A25 class I, A25 class II, A-B
  Spiral welded A-B, X42,X46, X52
  Welded X42
  Welded/cold expanded X46, X52
  Welded, non expanded   X46, X52
  Seamless, cold expanded X42, X46, X52
  Seamless, non expanded X46, X52
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